old school

Date: 5/30/2019

By savannahdee14

i have to give a bit of background for this. right now, i’m being home schooled, but before this, i went to a private christian school. my mom worked at this school, and it was a very toxic school/work environment. in my dream, my teacher had forcefully re-enrolled me into the school. i wasn’t very happy about it. for some reason, i had to check in to the school, and i was very annoyed during this. process. then, we drove to a new building that was being built for the school. it wasn’t finished yet. on the drive there, i sat next to my ex crush, but i kept thinking he was a music artist that i listen to. anyways, after we got to the new building, we drove to a house. it was very run-down. as the bus stopped, the school principal and his wife were arguing. it got so bad that he stormed off and slammed the door. then, i went inside. i went to the backyard and i don’t remember what happened, but i went outside for something. in the back room, there were two boys. they looked like twins, but they also didn’t know each other. one had blue hair, and the other had blonde hair. one was being creepy and i thought he was going to trap me in the room. i saw the back door and started walking to it. outside was the school administrator. he’s very rude and toxic, but i needed help. i motioned toward the boys and then ran outside. after a moment, the school administrator came outside, and we started talking about it. at first, we were in front of the door, but we move because they would’ve been able to hear us. eventually, we moved back because i thought they were gone. after a moment of us talking, i saw the boy with hair stand up. he had been kneeling down, so he wouldn’t be seen. the last thing i remember is seeing the boy with hair looking at me through the door with a look of confusion and rage as i walked slowly away without turning my back.