“Your mom is liquid”/ Soap

Date: 6/14/2019

By evergreen00

I was having flashbacks, but they weren’t my memories because I was someone else in the dream. I was reliving the night my mother died. I was really young, maybe 6, and I walked into a cabin. Blood was everywhere! But it was just blood. There were body parts an organs on the furniture, and the floor, and even hanging from little threads on the ceiling. The little girl (me) didn’t understand what it was. But my actual sleeping self knew, I felt sick to my stomach. I walked to the kitchen where a man sat on a stool. His forearms were rested on his knees. He was staring straight down at the floor, clearly in shock. A little boy was standing a couple feet away from him. I don’t think this little boy knew what was happening either. The little girl (me) had never met these people in her life. I walked into the kitchen. I knew she wasn’t there, but I also knew that this man could tell me where she was was. I looked at the man and the boy and said “mom?”. The man replied “your mom is liquid”. She was obviously murdered but not by this man. I had the feeling this man was her boyfriend or lover. I also dreamed that I had a HUGE pile of lavender soap on my dresser.