not the bees

Date: 1/23/2017

By SweetCaroline

I was in my dream version of hills and dales with my sisters as we were walking through campsites. we made it to a little meadow and suddenly I was on a bus. the bus was full of older guys. my dad started asking me about a trip to mexico, which I had been talking to my little sister with earlier. I couldn't let the other people on the bus know that I knew my dad, but he got the message. suddenly we were at a campsite and my little sister had some kind of device for getting rid of bees. we were using it and I realized that we were surrounded by wasps and they would start sting me. I was in a crane thing, so I couldn't get down immediately, but as soon as I got down, I started running. Finally, we all were back at this ice cream parlor and my little sister was talking about how her leggings caused the attack due to their pattern. She had worn the same outfit three other girls had been wearing when they were attacked. For some reason t dad was look ing at brochures for a trip to the alps.