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Date: 8/7/2019

By Leena_bishop

I woke up from a dream today I with these two guys chilling idk why but one of them said they were going to be in trouble cause they didn't return home in time we drove him home and I think was his dad took his backpack and the gf or whatever started Spanking him idk why on the front porch but the dad or whatever told us to stay for it so the guy driving did and I started to tear up the guy tried to stop them but hot in trouble himself after they were done he got up and the dad asked "is this the bitch your always talking about?" Pointing at me the boy said yes they told me to come inside I checked if everyone was ok and everything was fine for the time being until they wanted to share their blood with us I started running into the back yard I tried to jump there back gate but it was made of cement and I'm to short to make it over the bitch came with a needle with blood and idk what else so I jumped off the wall and went towards her she got scared and went inside saying that I launched at her and I'm a crazy bitch I told her to come at me I got out the gate I was running to the car we all got in and we took off I asked the guy who got in trouble in the first place if he was ok and it seemed like flirting we drove off laughing etc. End there cause my heart was racing and I jumped up from my sleep