Various Disturbing Dreams - Parts 1 - 4 of 8

Date: 11/29/2020

By Purple

I was walking all through the city with some woman’s husband. A lot of different things were happening while we were walking around. There were 8 distinct scenes… 1. This woman’s husband (Let’s call him Don) was telling me how he had some attractive woman’s telephone number and he came very close to having an affair. He still has the woman’s number, in case he gets pushed to the edge. 2. Don and I were at some sort of concert and somehow I had removed my sneakers. We were going to leave the building, when I noticed that I only had my socks on. I had completely lost my sneakers. I looked around and saw many shoes that were abandoned, but my search was fruitless. Sometime later, I looked down at my feet. I had a mismatched pair of sneakers on my feet. 3. YouTube was playing in the background and it kept appearing in my dream. It was a man’s voice talking to get me to relax and sleep. This was actually happening in the background outside of my dreams in real life. I eventually got up and turned off the recording from YouTube, but was able to get back to REM dream state again. 4. Don was carrying something large and bulky. It looks like it was part of a piano. It wasn’t complete. There were ghost frames of pieces of wood that were missing. Later on, he was carrying something else that was bulky and heavy. I don’t know exactly what it was, but it looked like a large framed painting and it was wrapped in cardboard. I was about to go to the elevator, but he was walking down the stairs. I don’t understand why he did not take the elevator. I offered to help and he said yes, but a gentleman came by to assist. We were walking down several flights of steps. Eventually I noticed it was the steps of a courthouse. There were several books on a table that said FREE. They looked like a lot of legal books. One of the books was on religion and this particular religion’s view on premarital sex. It happened to be my religion, so I picked up the book. Eventually we came to the lobby and exited the building.