unrequited love / no music / one piece dinner

Date: 8/3/2017

By rembrandt

1 There was many of us, and tensions became high after we all became street racers. Lots of drama ensued, in terms of romance it was kind of like a love polygon. Each person seemed to have a love that wasn't returned. There was a sexual scene, but I don't think I was apart of it, I was just viewing it. It happened on a bridge, there must have been three people involved and I don't think it was consensual. At the end, everyone's storyline was resolved, and everyone had a partner. 2 I was going to a competition, I think gymnastics? My friends from middle/high school were also competing. It was brutal though, it looked like after every girl did their performance they were in tears. For some reason I was still adamant on preforming, but while I kept waiting for my turn I remembered I never gave my music for the set, the dream ended after this realization, so I never preformed. 3 In this dream I was a super beautiful woman, completely different from my appearance. Elegant and proper. I was in some sort of massive office building with many floors. I was with a close friend I've forgotten who, and he was showing me around my office upstairs, as I did not know where I worked, even though I had been at that place for a while. But when he was walking me towards my office space we somehow ended up at this restaurant/bar/food court area. We sat down, and were joined by two other guys. They were all chatting happily, but one of the new guys kept moving closer to me and frequently touched me, as if he were flirting. I hated this, and him so I ran away downstairs into a bathroom, and surprise my dad was there with some baby he was babysitting (wtf?). I sent a text to my friends (I'm pretty sure Tori) for help which I thought said: "I'm being stalked at a one piece dinner" But it actually autocorrected to: "I'm being starved at a one piece dinner" And then someone screenshotted it and posted it to twitter, and people thought it was hilarious. But some people took it seriously and wanted to find me to help. I think I went back up and peeked over the staircase to see those three men at the dinner, and they all were staring back at me so I ran away. End. Also in that final dream I kept trying to type stalked after I sent out that autocorrected message, but it kept showing a dotted red line under it. So I think stalked was not a real word in my dream. I tried googling it too, and it was no where in an official dictionary, only urban dictionary. I woke up seriously confused about that text message, what the hell does that even mean. Even if it didn't autocorrect it's so cryptic.