Vague dreams of an underwater library.

Date: 7/9/2017

By Fitful

There was an underwater library. It looked very nice. I was really impressed and kept looking out the window, to the lake it was under. I was shopping for a backpack, the perfect one. I found it and it was one I've been wanting for a long time, I couldn't believe I found it for 11 dollars. It was a steal. I also found a messenger bag first but I abandoned it after the backpack was found. I think i was thinking about building a library in my home town and this was perfect to gain ideas from. It was based in the local mall and I had never known it was here. There was also an air plane flying overhead and golden pretty aliens with sucker fingers came down to problem my stomach and open my chest cavern and peer inside. They were very nice about dissecting me though. I think i was dating several girls. Not all at once, just over th course eof the night I had a few different relationships in different dreams.