Sammy, my deceased cousin...

Date: 9/23/2019

By DreamBabyCloud

So I find myself in this exquisitely beautiful mountainous area. My iPad is out and I’m taking pictures. As I’m taking pictures, I realize I’m on a boat moving down a river in between ginormous mountain ranges. Icy blue glaciers are interspersed here and there as the boat travels past and through these mountain. At some point I find myself at a male cousins workplace. In this dream, all my cousins have gathered to pay tribute to Sammy, my cousin who passed away moly a couple of months ago. I’m anxious to share my dream - that I was having right that moment! - with others and let them know I “saw” Sammy. When he appears and ask me what I’m doing, I told him I’m writing a book. He mentioned something about that and then other scenes came into play.