Fighting my dad & dog turning into an Ostrich

Date: 3/12/2017

By richilye

The first part was about something like a war, I can't remember if it was a movie or not. I then was in my house, thou the inside of the house looked like my uncle's house, (the one that I dreamed of his death and he was in the hospital in real life), the outside looked normal, like my house, even the construction looked normal from outside, it was just the inside that was different. I was browaing someone's computer files, probably my dad's, I found a porn folder, I don't remember what was inside, but then I closed it and went to see my sister's phone, to see if she hasn't got any of that, I ended up finding 3 or 5 videos of child pornography on her phone, being the last one on a school, a bunch of kids and my sis was in the middle having lesbian sex with her friend, just by the thumbnail you could see it. I deleted the videos, I knew this happened because of some "songs" that talks about raping, killing, killing cops, fucking, stealing, etc; It can't even be considered a song, it's just some random beat with people saying random things without any rhythm , it's headache inducing, they even have kids making those kinds of music to persuade other kids into it (these types of songs are sing by drug dealers, robbers, drug addicts, etc; basically the worst type of people) . I was trying to prevent my sis from listening to it, but her friend is from the slums, and she ends up bringing it to my sis. I deleted the songs as well. And gave the phone back to my sis. (Btw, my sis is 6 years old) My mom then told me to go take care of the store/cafe/bar, it was night time, my sis then said something, and I said "ok, let's go play" (most of time that i'm at work, she goes there to play something on the phone, as the place is dead most of the time), my dad was in the bathroom and heard that. He then started yelling a bunch of bullshit one of them being that I wasn't supposed to be on my phone nor playing while I was there, he then started saying a bunch more of shit. I then responded (something I restrain myself from doing to avoid having to hear he talks more, and since he also wants to be the correct one, and the one that knows better, even when he is wrong, and he never admits that he was wrong) I then responded saying "I'm playing but I still working", he then started yelling the same thing and denying what I said, I got pissed off and told him to go fuck himself, he then got pissed and started yelling that i'll see what happens when tge "10 minutes hits him while near me" he said that in a threatening voice. I then said "Fuck you, why don't you just die? you fat piece of shit", he then said "come and kill me then, I'll show you the 10 minutes". I gave up on trying to talk and started walking, I had a feeling that he would put a bullet on me at any time. I looked at my mom to see if she would say something or at least support me, but she didn't, she was probably trying to avoid hearing him talk as well (she hates him too) I went to the store and as I got out on the front gate there were a bunch of "drug-addicted" guys that he rented a house so they could hide from the cops (something he did a few days ago, as long as he is getting money, it doesn't matter to him; around 6 guys). I then noticed that I forgot the keys, I had to go back and take them , my dad was coming to talk to them. I avoided walking near him by going on the sides of the ramp... It was the next day morning, I was going to the store like I always do every morning, I was still pissed and as I was going there, I was thinking about stuff and wanted to ask [Redacted] if I could go live with her. (In the dream I had already received the money that i'm suppose to receive in real life). I didn't ask and kept walking. I got out by the front gate and the dog got out as well. My mom said "It's because they left her on the streets, now she is used to go there". (This dog was one that I had 1 or 2 years ago, since she was born, then my dad gave her to a guy, who abandoned her afterwards, yesterday my mom picked her back, even after that long, the dog still remembered us). Then a bunch of chineses showed up wanting ice cream, while I was trying to put the dog back inside, all of the chineses were male. The dog turned into an Ostrich and went back inside, some chinese guys went inside looking for ice cream. They found some spoiled ice cream on the back and came to me and asked "This ice-cream?", I then said "No, this one is spoiled", 3 of them each one with a cup of purple ice-cream in hand, they then started poking it, and it was somewhat green inside. I then said again "Theae ones are spoiled, they're failure of when I tried to make some for the first time", apparently they didn't understood, the Ostrich was still running around inside the house, going from the front yard to the garage , I was frustrated , then everyone vanished, and the dream ended and I woke up.