Baseball game

Date: 7/5/2019

By Lethal_Lasagna

I was at a baseball game there was a lot of older kids there (I’m 12) and some kids from my camp. No one else was there other then them. I was sitting in the very front and next to me was my camp friend named Marcas. Then same Will Ferrell looking dude (pretty sure it was him) comes and sits down with kids behind us in full hockey gear holding helmet, and starts talking to them. Then it was halftime or whatever you call that long break in baseball. The Teachers and staff from my school and camp started lineing us up to go get water. The we somehow ended out side walkeing down this shaded sidewalk. I didn’t really pay attention to what every thing on the right side of the sidewalk was but on the left was a big grassy area, and at the end of that was the baseball stadium. Right buy the side walk we’re these benches I had at my other school, everyone was ether sitting there or walking to get water. (Here’s where it gets weird) while walking I see this really fat girl that was dressed as JoJo Siwa from Tik Tok. I get scared and turn around. Then I here my name being called. I turn and see a bench and table to the side with two teen guys I don’t know, Two teen girls, one I know from camp and idk the other one. And my friend from school. (She has a very hood name and idk how to spell it) Her names Jevihia. She comes running to me with open arms I go running to her then I just fucking drop kicked her to the ground and then I woke up.