Rick, Morty, and the third eye

Date: 4/30/2017

By SigofHermes

This dream was mostly in third person. Rick, Morty, and Jerry were in some outerpace area. There was a device that allowed you to exist from another perspective, it looked like the Oculus Rift and went over the brow instead of the two eyes (it did cover them though). Tool's song Third Eye was playing in the background, and the entire dream seemed to be emitting from it, which was strange. The device would also be in relation to something else if you wanted to go back to normal (that's the best way I can explain it). Rick was in some sort of trouble and needed Jerry to wear it tuned to a certain perspective of nothingness, which would wipe Jerry out of existence, and Morty had to put it on Jerry. Morty did, and when it was on Jerry a bright, brilliant, yellow light came from it, and Jerry was in some other dimension apparently (the story of the dream changed in accordance to the song). Rick then praised Morty for being able to see from different view points.