Missing person

Date: 8/20/2019

By IndridCold

There was someone missing, a little girl I think, I was with Spencer I think and we were going to split up to look for them. We crossed this road and entered into this bizarre place. There was a massive wall of garbage but more like discarded thrift store items than actual garbage, I remember seeing a mannequin in there. I think a disaster had just occurred. Whomever I was with was trying to climb the wall of garbage and I advised against it, I felt like it was going to cause a landslide. There was a man there who was living in the garbage, he was supposed to have been looking for the missing person but instead he just posted up on the wall. I berated him for not trying to find the missing girl. There were now about 8 of us, I said we should split up and each go in different directions, and meet back there in 10 minutes. We were in the forest, but very close to the coastline of an ocean.