Canadian CVS

Date: 5/19/2017

By FrickinAngel67

I was in Canada and realized I had forgotten to bring my things like arnica gel and biofreeze for my shoulder pain. I asked the person I was with if we could stop at a place like CVS to get them and she said sure. We were in a tiny car like they drive in Europe and she drove right into the building and I was amazed. We parked in a hallway and I saw the sign for the store: cfs or something in lower case letters. I went in and it was hard to figure out which hallway to take. When I found it, it was filled with expensive gym machines for sale and I didn't see any aisles with medicines or anything on them. I went to the counter where there were a bunch of fit-looking 20-something's and asked. Somehow the topic of what I do for exercise came up and when I said I do dancercise, one of the women said, "oh, I know what that is, I think. Like this?" And she danced around and did all these graceful moves that I don't do at all, so I said, "something like that, yeah!" I never did get what I needed even though I had just noticed some shelves off to the right that appeared to have medicines and gels and things on them. I woke up.