party gone wrong

Date: 4/26/2019

By ardipithecus

me and my friends went to this party and it was fun at first until it flipped quickly. we started getting bad vibes and i knew we needed to leave soon. we were in the bathroom and these grown men tried to come into the bathroom with us and close the door behind us but i put my foot in the door and stopped it from shutting. they gave me a look like i wasnt supposed to do that and then we said we needed to leave and they told us that we weren’t allowed to leave. we got scared and they split up my group and started beating up one of the guys i came with. somehow we got out after that and the house was left deserted. we figured the people went to jail because they were caught. i went back to the house with my sisters and my mom for some reason. they had a lot of kittens in cages and i had an idea to put them on my snapchat story and to sell them for free so they could have a better home. we started going through them and then one of the people that lived in the house came back. we yelled to our mom that someone was inside the house. she saw him and dropped to the floor. my sisters and my mom ran outside but i automatically had to grab a kitten and save it. the guy almost got me but i escaped. we ran to my moms car and for some reason my mom told my little sister to drive bc she was the first to the car. i was in the backseat my mom was in the passenger and my older sister was next to me. they guy was following us fast and trying to run into us. my little sister didn’t know how to drive well and was scared bc she didnt want to get pulled over. i was annoyed at her because she wouldn’t even try to lose the guy trying to kill us. i told her to let me get into the drivers seat so we switched and once i was the one driving i woke up.