My doggo, lucky?

Date: 7/16/2017

By zjay

So this is all messy cuz I'm trynna remember it....I remember it began in some room? Like a bunk or smthing. And there was one real cute guy that was my TYPE. But things kept repeating eveyday again and again. Until I was able to get the guy when I laid down this mattress thing. Like I didn't get him but it was how I would eventually get him. I don't remember what was happening in this part. But I discovered my doggo, lucky, got great luck. And he's part of a prophecy. I just needed to get to wear a ring. But a bunch of ppl were trynna take him away. BAD ppl to be exact. But this world...whatever it was was crumbling away so were the people. Cute guy was too and I was trynn take care of him. I was trynna kiss him but for some reason my dad was around n I couldn't give him a kiss n had to watch my back. We couldn't get nasty either 😭😭. And then idk wtf happened but I guess the world crumbled away b4 I had the chance to get lucky. And then I woke up in this present day. But I still had to save Lucky from those bad guys. They were a part of this big company. Prolly cuz I couldn't save Lucky yet. So then I finally did somehow....