dream characters wont answer my questions

Date: 1/20/2017

By iwanttobelieve

Looked at hands when I was upstairs in my room and I was deciding what to do next and I went downstairs and I yelled out Show me an interesting dream character! and almost instantly my brother ramon called me from the kitchen and I asked him questions his voice kept fading out and so I insisted and ask again what he said 2 more times and I could tell Ramon got annoyed by the tone of his voice so I went outside and tried to fly upwards instead of going up and then straight and I felt great pressure on my body as I went up really fast and it seemed like the dream wanted to fade away but I was determined to stay in it and it seemed to get more vivid and I saw the sky got swirly but nothing was really happening so I came back down but did it too fast and gained control quickly and I think I reminded myself I was still dreaming but it was hard to keep my eyes open because it felt like they wanted to close but really I was trying to keep my real eyes closed in order to stay asleep