Running from Preppers

Date: 4/3/2019

By Sssmorgann

Shadowing vet, caring for 3 litters of tiny baby kittens with their eyes just open, they aged fast. People kept getting into my room and being mean to them so i called the police for a cat abuser. hunting a deer in a survival sense (been watching too much doomsday preppers lol) , tracking its blood to a ranch where a psycho prepper/murderer family lived. They kept trying to discreetly get me into situations they could have control over me. I was hiding and found the blood I was tracking UNDER closet stuff, meaning they were lying /hiding something, so I grabbed a few helpful items and ran. They were hunting me, calling other people they knew in the region (like the Snells from Ozarks) but I ran for years, and eventually the girl was right by me in a yoga class but didn't recognize me. Rebuilding the wooden swing?