Serial Killer

Date: 5/27/2017

By heidilore

I was a completely different person. I was NOT Heidi. I was a very evil person. I was calm and calculated, I guess like you would imagine a serial killer to be. I was trying to figure out my name, but I couldn't. The thing that sucked was that this person's emotions had been "downloaded" into myself via the dream, so I felt that coldness and that hatred. It was a terrible feeling. I was a male in my 30s, as I managed to look in the mirror. I don't remember a lot more details. I am desperately trying. Anyhow, the first place I was in was a warehouse. There is a store here in the USA, it is a department store called Target. I had this feeling it was a Target store. I was in the back, in the warehouse area, where they put the merchandise. I was hanging around the truck bays, which leads me to believe that I was a truck driver. I guess they were unloading the truck or something, as I had time to wander around the store. It was Christmas time; there were Christmas trees and garland all over the place. Nothing really meaningful happened at the store, so I'm not sure why I was given this information. Maybe to establish I was a trucker, maybe to establish that I looked in the mirror. Anyhow, nothing weird happened in this part of the dream. I do remember a slight sense of anger toward a brother and my father, again, people whom I don't know. There was anger and hatred over something they did to me when I was a child. It must have been pretty bad. I think they were making fun of me or something and I couldn't handle it. I had a memory of sending someone a package with Barbie or some other kind of doll parts. I mean, like the legs and the head. I sent somebody a package with these...doll parts to intimidate them. It could have been to my father or brother; I got the impression it was to the brother. The most important thing to remember about this person is he had NO empathy. He had nothing but hatred. But he was so calm, and that was the absolute frightening thing...he cared about nothing. No laughing, no crying, no anger. Okay, so the dream changed suddenly. Again, I don't have a clue where this was taking place. It could have been anywhere in the USA. Suddenly, I was in this abandoned outdoor strip mall. There were all these homeless people hanging around the strip mall. They were living there. Some had little crates and were sleeping on these crates as a bed. There were a lot of homeless people. Again, I was not me...I was this man. One of the homeless people came up to me and gave me a hug. He was crying. He said that I was welcome there, that we are going through hard times and anybody is welcome to stay. I had no emotion when this man hugged fact, I wanted to hurt him. I had this huge plastic crate. I don't know how to describe it. Like a huge Tupperware crate. There were body parts in the crate, of several women that I had murdered. I knew that the cops were on to me, so I left that crate with the homeless people.