Family Dying :(

Date: 7/2/2018

By HeyItsShelbyyy

Last night I had two very similar dreams. The first one was at a local basketball game. My nan and pop were there and everyone was discussing how after the game, my nan and pop were going to die. Everyone was saying that it was “just their time”. At the end of the court, there was an antique cupboard (that my nan and pop actually have in their house). Straight after everyone had left the stadium and it was just our family, my nan and pop got in the cupboard, closed the door, and we never saw them again. They died in there. I didn’t even get to say goodbye.. In the next dream, I was for some reason playing basketball at this exact court and stadium (even though I don’t play any sports 😂). My dad had just died and the entire game I was just miserable. I have no idea when or why he died, but half-way through the game they started doing speeches on the microphone about how amazing he was and how we all missed him, all while I was trying to play basketball. I ended up just sitting down on the ground at the side of the court and sobbing. After these two dreams, you can imagine how glad I was when I woke up and realised they were just dreams 😅