Not again

Date: 3/20/2017

By weirddreams

I always get a ton of dreams with storms or tornadoes and I think it is because of how I am terrified of them this one has to do with a dream I had when I was younger and it goes the same way ... My family was sitting in are living room and it was the same one i had when I was younger ( it's different now) so we knew it was storming outside so we had the news on then I heard the tornado sirens go off and we started running out side and to r nabours basement then all of a sudden these pepole came dressed in all black and had black bikes and they were doing tricks I was all scared and said who r they and my mom replied with " they r the storm chaser they chase the storm away" I bring the scardy cat I was I just froze the pepole wall I was scared and told me their names then said that I looked very familiar and she seemed like she knew me. I said ya u do to. She then turned around and said to the pepole behind her that the last time they were there a little girl was scared. Then I asked her if she meant a little girl in a blue house and pointed to my house. She said yes and I said that it was me. For some redone the. Pepole looked at my mom and nodded they then took me to this birding place and said I had special powers I was freaking out and then all I remember seeing a big flash of lighting hearing something loud... I woke up with a gasp and my phone was ringing ........ I didn't just have this dream I actually had it a couple of weeks ago but I still Remember it