Devil cat

Date: 7/31/2019

By ramagam

me and bre found an old cabin, one that seemed familiar to me in the dream but obv never been to irl. we couldnt find a way inside bur were able to get into a sunroom. they had a big friendly black great dane but he didnt stick around long. we had our cat with us and we brought him in too. found the cleanest sheets we could find and started making a bed on one couch, meanwhile the car starts making weird pain meows.. followed by what looks and sounds like electric shocks/static. he starts convulsing. i check him and notice a beetle at first then red specks over his muzzle and his ears are tilted back, eyes fully dialated where theres no color and his teeth and tongue turned black. as i was trying to see what happened and had him flipped over, his body was stiff but his flexed paws held onto my hand while he looked like he wanted to bite me but didnt. his top lip/nose almost looked sucked into his mouth and his face was stuck in a weird snarl, pain/fear/shock?