Stalker in hottipic

Date: 7/19/2017

By malexandria

It was thundering and I was having a sleepover at my grandparents house with Liz. I also remember going to hottipic and it was way bigger. The jewelry wasn't in a locked case so I was stealing the septum rings. I kept walking around to kill suspicion with my mom. Then me and my mom came across a lady with a kid who knew my name and a lot of stuff. She was a stalker apparently and she melts asking me personally stuff so me and my mom ran out the store; with the septum rings, and the lady was following and trapping us. The mall was a gothic castle which was lit. The staff around the mall where trying to help up so one trapped the other lady while another broke a window for us to hop out. Then we ran to the car, but the stalker lady had my moms keys. So together, as fast as we can, we got little stones and broke the windshield. The glass took forever to break but it did eventually. We drove away and we found the lady's house. The only reason we did was because there was a floor-to-roof window which gave us a Veiw of the lichen and she was cooking dinner. She saw us. At some point of the dream I remember seeing my old teachers and being in school.