Dinner and a Movie

Date: 7/6/2019

By emmaoftheleighs

I went to the movies with my sister, except it wasn't really a movie theatre it was something else. You had to choose the movie and it would do something to you. There was one that made you tanner, so we decided to do that one. We walk in and we sit in one of the reclining seats like they have in regular movie theatres. Apparently the room is supposed to get really hot, so two people come in to go through safety measures. One of them is Snape from Harry Potter. He shows us this mask that you should put on if you feel like you can't breathe, it was kind of like those masks that they have on airplanes. There's this straw on it that has to go in your mouth that you breathe through. I could do it just fine but my sister was having problems. Then I was in this restaurant I think, I was sitting on one of the tables looking for my sister. I was very small, so whenever I jumped down I had to weave my way in between people's legs.