Dream: Gaining Strength

Date: 5/26/2017

By Ecnelis_Lataf

    “Once more!” I said as I staggered on my feet. My breath was ragged but I pushed myself to stand again.     “That’s enough Kageryu. No more.” Dokuryu told me sternly. He was my mentor in learning control of my powers. He and Dantellion had been fighting me, training me, for the last hour or so now.     “I said once more!” I snapped as I got to my feet. Sweat had formed upon my brow and there were cuts across my arms from where I’d been hit. “I can do this guys! Once more!”     Dokuryu shook his head. “You will kill yourself at this rate.”     “Then make sure you fight with all you have.” I told him with a wicked grin.     Dantellion looked to him and sighed as well. “Really wish you weren’t so stubborn some days Kageryu.”     Dantellion’s flames wrapped around his hands again. He charged at me at full speed. I forced my black and silver scales to surface, pushing with all my might to control my draconic powers. I caught his flaming fists in my scale covered hands, dousing his flames. He smirked at me and flipped the roles. He’d gotten his hands out of my grasp, grabbing my wrists. Within seconds I saw Dokuryu charging me while I was partially stuck in Dantellion’s hold. I fought my way out and just barely escaped, a poisoned claw barely nicking my side.     “How much more of my poison do you think you can take Kageryu?” Dokuryu asked as a playful yet deadly grin crossed his face.     I staggered back as I felt the poison sting a bit. I got myself steady and took my position once more. “They will try to pit us against our own kind. I have to prepare for anything. Including them possibly getting either of you under their control. I’m not backing down just yet.”     “She’s changed.” Dokuryu said with a laugh.     “She’s still a stubborn ass though.” Dantellion said with a roll of his eyes.     “She can also still hear you boys.” I told them with annoyance in my voice, “Now face me with all you have dammit.”     Dantellion cracked his knuckles as Dokuryu let his violet and silver scales surface.     “Fine. We’ll play full force. Dantellion, range for a bit. You’ll know when to swap.” Dokuryu said with a grin before vanishing from sight.     Dantellion’s eyes widened a moment before he smirked, “You just brought out his playful side. Good luck Kageryu.”     He soon shot flames at me from a distance as I shot up a shadow wall to block them. All the while I was listening for Dokuryu. I continued to block Dantellion’s different ranged fire attacks, rolling out of the way of some of them. I kept myself moving to make sure I was no easy target for Dokuryu but I knew that if I didn’t figure out his location soon I would lose this round really fast. I could feel the wind shifting and hear the footsteps across the ground, despite how silent they were. Dokuryu was making his move. I just still couldn’t pinpoint him.     “You won’t find him Kageryu!” Dantellion called as he shot more flames at me. He had begun to move in as well.     ‘Think Kageryu. If you were gonna hit the weak spot on a shadow user...where would you go first?’ I thought as I closed my eyes and kept my senses alert.     The air around me seemed to become louder yet i managed to drown out what wasn’t needing to be heard. Footsteps from two different directions. I knew the ones ahead of me were Dantellion’s. His steps were loud and reckless. To my right, those had to be Dokuryu’s. I could feel them closing in.     I snapped my eyes open. At the same time I made shadow blades appear and shot one right at Dantellion, making him go off course from me for a moment. The other blade was held tight in my hand and blocking the poisoned claws of Dokuryu. He had a wicked grin on his face as he stared me down.     “You’re getting better at this.” Dokuryu commented before lifting a blood-covered set of claws.     I could then feel the sting of his poison in my side. This caused me to let go of my hold on the shadows, forcing the blade to disappear.     “Still not fast enough though, but better than before.” Dokuryu said as I felt my world spin.     “You overdid it.” Dantellion said as he ran to my side, catching me before I could hit the ground.     I just laughed and looked up at Dokuryu. “Thank you for not backing down.”     “Don’t thank me until after you wake up from this.” He told me with a shake of his head but a small smile.     Dantellion lifted me into his arms and carried me back to the others, Dokuryu not far behind him. I fought the impending darkness that came from poison overdoses. I looked up at Dantellion and placed a hand lightly on his chest.     “You aren’t so bad after all.” I whispered, my head swimming.     “You’re just delirious. You’ll go back to normal when you wake up.” Dantellion told me.     Not moments after he said that did darkness take hold of me.     I awoke after that.