Snake infestation

Date: 9/5/2019

By vegasj

There was a serious snake infestation at my house (my moms house). Snakes were everywhere but I had gone home early from work a little earlier than usual and after a brief meeting with chad and being unsure if I should leave or not, I just left . It was Friday and I was going to work on the task that weekend (maybe, maybe not). After a call with miguel he suggested some ways to change my career if I wanted to change. Once home I noticed more snakes than usual and they were seemingly coming out of everywhere almost like a slow immersion of the movie tremors, but it was really hard to convince my mom that there was a problem until the moment she saw them outside in the garden and in the garage, etc. although outside and the garage didn’t look like my moms house, I could feel that it was. There was even a pool in the backyard that had a snake in it. The snake had its head bitten off by another snake or some other creature I can’t remember. Anyhow I spent the majority of the time trying to convince my mom that I could fix the snake issue. Which I was 100% sure that I could. I just needed her to leave the house and go relax at another location while I did the work. For some reason I knew that it would be easy for me to fix up, the hard part was just convincing her to leave first but she wanted to stay and fight which I called the African spirit in her. I now think the snakes were representative of the small changes I would like to make I’m her house to improve it. Many of the changes are long overdue but usually I can’t convince her to let me do anything with fixing or repairing the house . Almost forgot to mention that during the dream I had noticed that this was a repeat dream and that I had had this precise snake infestation dream before , I also think the chad part was indicating the tools and freedom to do something about the infestation problem