me getting played by my feelings

Date: 8/2/2019

By em2002

june 28 2019 -hanging out w zoe, flirting with her, she has a crush on me and i lowkey have feelings for her in the dream -i remember wantig to kiss her but i was like, stalling?? or procrastinating?? -we were going out somewhere, invited another girl and waiting for her at zoes house -she comes and i remember zoe being really jealous and i remember i suddenly liked her better and i dont remember doing anything in particular that would make zoe feel left out but i remember her feeling like shes third wheelig -zoe was jealous and looked rlly depressed and sad bc someone came along to “replace” her -i dont remember exactly who the other girl was, i think my brains intentions at first were to make her sydney or sam or something but she looked exactly like zoe (but i couldnt see her face, just her face shape and hair)