Wrecked SUV

Date: 6/8/2019

By Alethea425

Staying at an air b&b with my family. I drove the white Jeep SUV belonging to the people who rented the house. It's vague whether I'm supposed to. I don't engage the parking brake and the car goes into the street and gets hit and totalled by another vehicle. At some point, the police come. I look for Fiona, our dog at another point in the dream. I know I'll have to face what I've done. I'm embarrassed, but know insurance will cover the loss. We're there for a wedding, maybe Amy's. I'm worried it will rain, but it turns out that the weather is pleasantly cloudy and cool. Queen Elizabeth is there. There's an adorable little girl around four years old. I really enjoy talking to her. I squat so we're at the same eye level. She sits. She's going to leave in order to explore and meet more people and check in with her mom. She asks if she can come back and see me. I say I would love that. She tells me that her dress, her shoes and her panties all match.