Ford bronco

Date: 5/15/2017

By torresa001

I was in this ford bronco? With some guy and my wife and we were driving somewhere. I don't know if it was the same dream or another but we went through a drive through and I heard the driver saying how he had to get a can then an uber. I asked him if this car was a uber and he said yes. I told him it's cheaper just to rent a car from the airport for the whole time they are here. I told him how I did it and it always was worth it. He said it probably wasn't a good idea for him. I told the guy in the ford bronco, I had never been in a bronco before and he asked what I thought. I walked around And saw that it was brown and had some black and white in it. The black and white looked like his shoes. I was then in the back of the truck and there was like a tv screen I could see him through. But it kept changing the channel so I would have to mess with the remote to see him. I was trying to guess where he was from and I was guessing all kinda places from California or Texas or Arizona . It kept changing the station so I couldn't keep him on the screen. Then I thought he must be messing around with my wife in the front seat. Then I woke up.