A Jumbled Mess

Date: 8/21/2019


We were trying to figure out how to grow speckled wood, except that speckled wood meant wood that would grow in such a way that you could crumple them together. Kind of like those snapchat asmr videos where they have rolled up soap(?) and squish it in the palm of their hands and it completely crumples. Anyway, we were trying to grow that bc a whole group of us were trying to pass off as some kind of ghost or troll or something. We were in a wedding reception looking place. The center pieces were speckled wood and so were some of the large decorations in the room. Someone came into the room trying to prove we weren't really and we crumpled all the speckled wood and they ran away. After that we realized we had no more so everyone started running away. I was one of the last ones to run away which is why I and one other person got trapped being chased by a Frankenstein looking thing. We finally managed to escape and ran to look for everyone else. We followed a trail which lead us to a river and then to the side of a house. We were following a string which ended under a turned over flower pot. We both started panicking bc we thought we would never again reunite with everyone else. Turns out that the string didn't stop there, it just got much smaller. It lead us down some steps and to the side of the house where a tiny wooden toilet stall, kind of like Shrek's, was waiting. People would go up to it and a small peephole would be opened. They would say the password and then the tiny door would open and they'd be flushed down a tiny toilet to reunite with everyone else. The person who was with me went first. When it was my turn, I showed them a piece of trash that I had been holding onto (an otter pop looking wrapper) and was denied entry. I thought, impossible! And showed them my face. I guess I was important or something bc they rapidly opened the door and tried to flush me down the toilet. Except that I couldn't fit. It was then that the person who had been chasing me started getting closer. I took the tiny toilet stall and ran. At this point someone else had joined me and they were holding onto the toilet stall. We ran across the street and hid behind a store/restaurant. The person who had joined me was not being inconspicuous at all so we started to gain attention from the people who were eating in front of the restaurant. I told everyone to be quiet bc the person was coming. They saw us and we began to run. They caught up to us and began to annoy tf out of us. I then remembered that I already had a video if her doing this and that I was going to file a restraining order against her. We turned back around and passed a fair. The fair had a whole bunch of fighting rings lined up with people in each one of the four corners in each one of the rings. I passed all of them and ran to the bathroom. When I was running I heard someone heckling and calling one of the fighters 'penguin' and asking if they really fought. I turned to look and there was an actual penguin in one of the rings. In the bathroom were a whole bunch of people were talking about a wedding. None of the bridesmaids were wearing matching dresses or colors but luckily my dress color was close enough to what it should've been. I sat down to take a big dump and listened to all of the conversation going on. It should be noted that when I ran to the bathroom I was naked and when I sat down I was dressed. When I was sitting, the left wall of the stall was taken down so that the bride and I could better talk about what was going on. The toilet had an armrest made of flowers.