Digital art, In a dream, a church member finds themselves at their church's stage, being asked if they are joining the praise team, and as they clarify they're just getting their belongings, they notice a marker board highlighting a need for help with younger kids in the AWANA program, sparking a conversation about leadership opportunities before the dream transitions to a youth group gathering at a simulated Shoney's, where the attendees are asked about their admit tickets.

Church outings

Date: 3/2/2017

By Hikertrash48

The dream started out at my church. I walked up onto the stage and Brooke ask "Are you playing too?" I knew she meant am I playing with the praise team that mourning. So I explained that I wasn't and I was just getting my stuff. I picked up my charger and headphones then walked off. I sat down with in the first pew and noticed that in the pew behind me they had laid a marker board down that said "help wanted." It went on to say that they needed help with the younger kids in our AWANA program. I heard Patty say that she'd like to help out. I'd told her "I'd love to be a leader." She asked me why I didn't pursue it and I tried to explain that I had been for the past year. Before I could finish what I was saying someone cut me off. The dream changed to the youth group at what I'm assuming is supposed to be Shoney's. One of our leaders asked us if we brought our tickets. Apparently we all had these admit tickets like you get at a carnival.

AI generated interpretation The dream begins at your church, which symbolizes your spiritual or religious beliefs. Walking up onto the stage can represent a desire for recognition or involvement in a leadership role within these beliefs. Brooke's question about playing with the praise team indicates a sense of participation and engagement with the community. Picking up your charger and headphones suggests that you are seeking to recharge and restore your energy or spiritual connection. This may imply a need for personal time and self-care. Noticing the marker board that says "help wanted" in the pew behind you represents an opportunity for you to contribute and be of service to others, particularly in the AWANA program. This indicates a desire to make a positive impact in the lives of younger children. Patty expressing her interest in helping out can reflect the potential support and collaboration you may receive from others in pursuing this leadership role. Your response of wanting to be a leader shows a strong desire to take on responsibilities and contribute to the program. The dream then shifts to the youth group at Shoney's, symbolizing a social and communal setting. The mention of tickets resembles passes or permissions to participate in activities or events. This may suggest a desire to engage more actively with your peers, especially in activities related to your beliefs or values. Overall, this dream highlights your desire for involvement, leadership, and engagement within your religious community. It suggests that you are seeking opportunities to contribute your skills and make a positive impact in the lives of others, particularly younger individuals. It also emphasizes the importance of self-care and being mindful of your own energy levels.