Struggling to complete a task in order

Date: 7/20/2017

By crittle

Lucid type dreams where I have a task that is a NEED in order to stay alive, staying closer with horrible people in order to not get assaulted, manipulated, decieved, or have any abuse. In a trance that it's "all or nothing", "live or die" and it's a dreamy struggle to say the least. Internal confusion, and repetition in figuring out how to survive and weakening with relief that I still have a breath at life and it was just another crazy ass nightmare... live or die. I know I've been through a lot of trauma, so assume this is why I'm struggling in my dreams to come out alive, even though I get so scared I'll wake up because of long enduring anxiety. A mission, I cannot fully complete... maybe more therapy like suggested is appropriate. I would love to finish this dream "game" but always lose then get frieghtened of how I feel so stuck. This may be the reason for the dream...