Basement Teleporter & Vampires

Date: 4/26/2017

By RinTheMood

I dreamed that there was a really nice furnished basement, accessed by a ladder. A teleporter was present which allowed travel to different but extremely similar versions of the basement. One version had a large group of children at a sleepover, wanting to go and visit different dimensions. There was also a monster, humanoid but hostile, that chased/followed me through dimensions. I eventually turned and made a stand against the monster, somehow defeating it and letting the children run about freely. Then I dreamed I knew D from the Vampire Hunter D movies. I was being targeted by another vampire, and D helped to protect me. He knelt in a field with me sitting beside him, his cape draped over us and turning us invisible. At some point D either became or was replaced by a different yet friendly vampire. I decided to try fighting against the hostile vampire on my own, but he kidnapped me. My vampire friend found me with a collar on which made me obey the enemy vampire. He couldn't take it off, but he could transfer ownership to himself. He tested it by commanding me to take a step backwards. Then I woke up.