gradmas makeup/calendar journal.

Date: 8/16/2017

By headFeed

My grandma passed away a couple years ago, in my dream were looking through a bunch of the stuff she actually never threw away, a ton of makeup and a picturebook of drawings i did and a journal thing shed knit little pictures with. in the journal, shed have a thing inside thatll keep track of if she took her meds that day, this was the last month she was alive, for some reason on here it was the 8th, when she actually passed in november. on the 5th day she knitted her sisters she was close to, and me. it was titled "three left" 5 girls. but she wasnt included in the ones alive. g passed, and she passed. my great aunts t and m are still alive, and obviously me too. she knew she was going to die soon in my dream. i think i cried. i made a copy of the knit she made because i thought it was a work of art. the simplified faces were great. im in some battle? were fighting and it looks like a darker overwatch. i grab an ana and just shoot into her face as but its considered cheesing so i only do it for a little bit. we get overwhelmed so we fall back. now were all just civilians holding weapons. we can recruit more civilians to join us so we do. we walk out into the road where we battle but something is wrong. the enemy team went to the beach, where they became an army. my team runs for it. i lay down in some tall grass to hide. a whole group passes me even though im in the open kind of. i close my eyes just incase my eyes are noticeable in light. someone with a flashlight comes by and spots me. im grabbed and i try to escape, the man who has me says hell have to tranquilize me. he does. it makes me weak and sleepy but i dont sleep. were on somekind of trolley thing thats in the sky. theres a shoppping district and im out of it. i see a girl in a pretty dress and say shes really pretty. she stands out and turns out shes somekind of model idol person. a group of cheerleaders behind her come by and the trolley thing is below the platform theyre on so i see their panties. i laugh and blush and put my arm around a soldier guy next to me. i keep purposefully try to make sure they know im not straight. we circle around and i see the model idol girl and shes wearing a new sweater dress for the fall, its pink and white, but the only colors available are in tan, brown, yellow, and blue. i dont like wearing pink but i thought that was dumb to advertise pink and then not have it. later were at the soldiers base. theyre destroying something. this is an anime now. theres a generic anime girl in a white dress walking on some roofing and i want to fight her?????? im really upset the anime took this path too instead of the rebels winning.