A New Guy (LONG, mature but not 18+)

Date: 6/8/2017

By katjbooson

I was bored one night and decided I wanted to to visit my old apartment complex just for the heck of it, so I went down the street to visit (that part of the dream is extremely recurring, not sure why). As I was walking around the parking lot, I saw some families at the small parks and kids playing on their porches. I strolled by two boys that looked my age, maybe a year older. They looked cool enough, guys I would be friends with, until I rounded the corner and suddenly they were chasing me with guns. One boy had a long barreled shot gun, the other boy wasn't important. Eventually I reached a nearby small strip center and walked into one of the stores. At this point we had lost the other guy, and just the guy with the big shotgun was there. For some reason he couldn't shoot me in there and we could just talk. I asked him why he was chasing me with a big ass shot gun and he said his friend was just a dick but he was trying to protect the kids in the complex because sometimes during summer nights teenagers would come around and "their behavior was not up to par." After chatting for a bit in this shop, he said he would walk me home. We were chatting and being a bit (unintentionally on my end) flirty, and I thought a really nice friendship was blooming. He kept putting his arm around me and doing other close things like that, but I thought he was just protecting me from all the crazy people with guns we knew were around. His crazy dick friend ended up chasing us and we had to take cover in shotgun boy's house. His name was Jeff. Jeff's house looked identical to my irl boyfriend, David's. Jeff gave me some clothes to change into because for some reason mine were wet. Even though it was Jeff's house, my mom was there and I was worried about her seeing us. He kept trying to touch me and kiss me while I was changing. I wasn't angry about it and I kind of liked it, but it was known that I had a boyfriend so I wasn't letting him really do anything. After talking and continuing to be flirty for a while, he started making out with me and grabbing me over my pants. I pushed him away after a second and yelled at him "dude, STOP. You KNOW I have a boyfriend," and he yelled back, "I DON'T SEE HIM, WHERE IS HE?" So I told him he was in San Diego (true irl) and he yelled back at me "SO HE'S NOT HERE, I AM," and tried kissing me again. I refused, and told him I truly would if I didn't have a boyfriend, because I really liked him. He told me to break up with my boyfriend then and I said "Jeff, I'm not going to break up with my loving boyfriend of two years for you, a guy I've known for a night and have a surface crush on." This made him really upset. He asked, "What if your boyfriend died, then would you be with me?" I was weirded out by the question but said maybe, because I knew it was wildly hypothetical. Almost instantly, David came through the door. Jeff jumped at him, immediately trying to fight. They fought hard and were pretty equally matched for a while, until all of a sudden Jeff was winning. Little video game-esque messages floated up by him saying "you've almost got him, Jeff" and "one more hit," so I ran. I ran into the adjoining room and cried. Jeff heard me crying and abandoned the fight (David never reappeared after this, I don't know what happened to him) to come see if I was okay. I yelled at him "I'M NOT GOING TO FUCK YOU IF YOU MURDER MY BOYFRIEND" and scooted far from him on the bed we were sitting on. I just wanted to leave. He begged me to give him a chance and continued kissing me and touching me, laying me down. I was conflicted because I was into him but he was insane and I still either had a boyfriend or was mourning his loss. I scooted out from under him and cried. He held me and I told him "I think I need to leave," so I did. Then I woke up and texted my boyfriend that I loved him immediately because the dream made me feel weird.