Richmond, icecream, explosion, park

Date: 5/21/2017

By babygirlevie

Jasper meg and I were at gtm but it was held on the Richmond property and we were camping in the back of the icecream stand and it was like a long room that we had made all cozy with blankets, and that was fine and there was some plot that I can't remember and we went back to Perth for exams and then later they went back and I was supposed to meet them but I was stuck around the side of Richmond like for some reason I couldn't get to them and it was dusky and the grass was very wet but then idki managed to get to them and it was really fun we were all in the icecream shop again but then there were these military people and a big explosion and something huge fell and all of a sudden I was on the oval by myself on the Osbourne road side and I hid under some shrubbery from the explosion and then started running and I ran up a slope and down this road where I could see that park that sometimes recurs with the long green grass and shady barky eucalyptus and this time there was also kind of like a ditch filled with shrubbery you know and I hid inside but there was another explosion and I remember lying with my eyes closed and I think someone shouted ants! And I was aware that all these ants had come up from the explosion and were crawling on me but I couldn't really feel them it was like a prickly tingle, and when I opened my eyes there was nothing. There was a moment I think where I saw the military people running into the park from their perspective too. Then the military people got me and the leader was this woman in a green cap and gear and she held me by my arms and I think she was asking me about the icecream place but I didn't give anything away. They dragged me back to Richmond and I don't remember what happened after but there was this one scene at the end where jasper and I were on the patio of the big fancy concrete building at UWA leaning over the glass over the shady green grass.