Phone call with an ex

Date: 1/31/2019

By wifefriday

So In real life I’m married and pregnant. In my dream I was on the phone with a guy I dated a couple months shortly before I met my husband (he really doesn’t even qualify as an ex). We were making plans to get together. After we got off the phone he called me back and was really upset “you’re pregnant?” I wasn’t sure how he found out, it’s not on social media. But I wasn’t trying to hide it either. He was really upset and crying. I apologized for not telling him and apologized for not making it clear that our plans to get together were platonic and not a date. He want to ask me some questions. 1. Can I drink wine? He seemed really concerned about that. Um no I can’t or I shouldn’t. 2. Was there a man there feeding me these answers? No I’m alone right now. I asked why he’s so upset, We hasn’t seen each other in over a year (in reality it’s been 5). I didn’t see what the big deal was. Woke up shortly after. I thought it was interesting because the guy is Hungarian and his accent was so spot-on in my dream. Our brains’ attention to detail is amazing.