Dart bullets and Crazy Shoppers

Date: 6/27/2019

By Ether_Erebus

First, something is going on where people have superpowers and they’re divided into two different sides. I’m on the good side. Something happens and I walk into an EB-Games store and Thomas is working there. We have a chat and something happens so we rush out of the store and into Katelynn’s boyfriends car (Kate is driving). And as we’re going to the building, people are coming after us and flying, somehow I get the idea to take the bullets in my hands and like dart throw them at the flying things/people. When I do that the bullet like explodes and takes them down. This is the second time I’ve seen this dream idea. When we get there, there’s a stand off between us and the other team and I run out of bullets. Then I remember them saying that pencils have the same effect (idek why) but we try and my alarm goes off. Then I woke up and went back to school. Then there’s a time jump. We’re in Montreal. Something happened before but it’s winter time. It’s dark outside. We’re in a random store that looks kinda like shoppers drug mart BUT it’s layout is very close to an outlet mall. Now, the problem is that there’s this one white dude who keeps following us around the store. They know he’s messed up and don’t say anything. He keeps following and it gets weirder and more uncomfortable. At one point, I just snap and I yell in his face, “you don’t go Near her. You get out of this store right now. I swear to all that is above if you don’t I will beat you until you can’t see anymore”. And he walks away, people tell me I went too far but I shake it off. When we’re going out, I stay back in the store to grab something. I look out the window and everyone is already in the car but me and the white guy is standing outside. He’s mentally ill and he knows he has to take medication for it but he doesn’t. Before this, I think Karanvir told me about this Asian dude who was super skinny but super strong. Another Asian dude walks from beside me and comes up to him and taps the wall and the strong Asian guy walks me out of the store (like protection). The white guy sees us walking out and runs away, scared of the Asian man I presume. I get into the car and we drive off. I wake up, again.