Worst Falling in Bed sensation ever

Date: 8/14/2019

By bluhamster123

Ok this was a pretty long dream so I doubt I’m remembering much but the ending was truly awful. I was going home with Ishi from some event and her dad picked us up. We were just having a good old time in the car just making our way onto the freeway when we passed a truck that was making wierd noises. Our driver kinda changed people to some kind of truck driver and suddenly we were instead in some sort of large pickup truck. (But I didn’t notice this change I just wanted to add as much as I remember. In the dream I don’t even notice) so as we hear this car making noises, our driver decided to stop and pull over or like turn around just to see what’s happening and keep going, but as our big truck reverses, it rolls into the side shoulder ditch and the traction on our wheels is losing grip as we try to stay out of the ditch. Unfortunately we have too much momentum and roll back, we hit the side barrier and flip over it and we start to rumble backwards in the big spacious truck so I’m like banging around in there every time we flip and we’re making more momentum the longer we tumble and I’m just waiting for us to slow down or something when suddenly I feel my stomach drop as we leave the ground and just start plummeting into a free fall. We must have rolled off a hecking cliff and are just waiting to be smashed to bits!!!! It was seriously the most real sensation I’ve ever felt in a dream. This freefall part seemed to last SO long and it was awful. I was just thinking “wow we’re still falling. This is how I die” and dreading whenever we were going to make impact with the ground and die, and it was so horrifying. Worst falling in bed sensation ever.