I want some ICE SHAKE!!!

Date: 4/17/2019

By AzaleahRiddle

It's about Harry Potter at first. It's a shame that I can't remember about it because I got a feeling that it's something so entertaining. However, I do remeber that it's about two faction. I don't know if they are fighting or having a truce but it's about two seperate groups. The next dream is about our school. There is this event where students sell things. So, this girlfriend of my friend, Jaz, is part of this group that sells something that is called 'ice shake'. It is like an ice cream but instead of ice cream in a cone it is shake in a cone. It's actually good, so good in fact that I ordered another one. The sad thing about this is that it's only pre-order. So since, there will be another day that they will sell so I ordered two. Of course it is chocolate. So after the first day there is this some kind of after event concert? Or party. I waited in front of the stage for my friends because they are cleaning up they're stall. I dont know what happened after because I woke up.