Running scared

Date: 8/15/2017

By drmgrl85

I grew up in kind if a small city. This dream took place there.....i was at my house outside playing with my friends. all of a sudden, Michael Myers comes from out of no where and starts to chase me. So i start running and end up at my grandmother's house and try to hide. I thought I got away from him but some how he found me. I was so scared that I start running all over the house trying my hardest to hide from him. I run to the basement and jump on a trampoline because somehow I can get through the ceiling a little. When i come out of the floor, I try to rub out the back door but he is right there I turn to run out the front door and to my aunt's house and try to hide in her attic. he still found me...i was so scared... I make it out if my aunt's house and start running through the neighborhood...jumping people fences and everything. I come across a friends house and hide there. No luck! He finds me! I start screaming and throwing things at him. My friend has a tube slide going out of his window and down to the ground....i slide down and start running....for some reason i look back but he is not chasing me...he is just standing at the window where the slide was....then I woke up!