Piss Filter, Presentation of Design, Laughter is the First Symptom

Date: 3/3/2017

By Fitful

Two Dreams. One. I was on a desert island and these guys had managed to make it so their bodies filtered their urine into water. They pissed and the urine was almost water, then they passed the piss through another filter and it was sparkling water. Then they passed it through another filter and it was amazing. I was disgusted at the idea and didn't drink it. Two. I was presenting a design, I think I was an interior decorator, at a conference. The conference was at an apartment building on a guys apartment bedroom. My group presented our designs to each other, just the three of us. The other female went first, she was good. I went next. It was okay, maybe good, but felt kinda slapped together or on the wrong topic. Then the guy, a big burly Texan type, went to present his and just started reading from a book of his life. When I opened day mouth to ask for clarification or any question he got quite loud and ignored me and I got mad at his rudeness. Then he was really rude and told me to shut up or he'd quit his presentation. I decided to leave because he was so horrid, as he saw me leaving he got even more upset and heckled me as I packed my things. The other lady just congratulated him on his presentation and his life, apparently it was an inspiration and got ready to leave the too. I was really mad at him by then but I went to shake his hand goodbye, and I ended up telling him it was okay. That I knew he was mean because he was so sad and people had hurt him. I ended up giving a long speech about how he had been hurt and I hugged him and he cried and hugged me then curled up on the floor. The woman left, I was a step behind her. The guy asked me why I was nice to him, or I proffered the information and I told him he reminded me of my ex. Then things got really weird. I think either I said that's because he was my ex, or he said it, anyway it felt like now that was a thing. And it felt very weird suddenly to be alone with him like he was expecting something. Only this dude was a real dude, a man with no gender ambiguity, and it felt like my ex, (talking about my very first girlfriend here) had gone back to being a man. I was upset over it. I was not attracted to men. It made the situation seem weird, and he was awkward too. What might have been a sexual charged moment felt incredibly flat now. I was eager to get out of there, after all I had to catch a train to a ride to a job. But the woman had lost the remote behind the couch and the wall and now sawdust was stuck inside it and it was broken. Then we heard insane laughing and looked outside. The entire place was surrounded by ambulance and police. People were laughing insanely and frothing at the mouth and in straight jackets. The group I was in now were all worried about catching it. We wanted to leave. Some talked about trying to climb out a window. I worried about getting to my job on time. The old woman said I didn't need to worry since I was supposed to be driven by her. She said boss doesn't go, no need to worry. I was worried because the entire time her mouth was red with blood for lipstick. And a few others seems to get a tad historical. Downstairs we heard more crazed delusional laughter.