Cats and Phones

Date: 1/28/2017

By Meme_Farmer

Okay, I remember at some point I went outside in our backyard, (way cooler looking in my dream) there were alot of colorful plants and alot of stairs leading further down a sort of grass pit. There was a dog that I've never seen before and I pet it. Noticably, alot of dog hair ended up attaching to my hand and dream me wiped it off. Along with the large light brown dog with a blue collar, my cat was also jumping around in the backyard, which was rather strange considering one, she was jumping unnaturally high and two, she was an inside cat. I don't remember what's left of that dream but I do remember what's left of a dream I had later in the night, which was alot shorter. My phone had begun playing loud music that I couldn't appear to turn down or pause. (It was rather vulgar, which is something I don't usually listen to, so I was embarrassed.) Eventually my father heard it and began to get angry at me for not turning it down, and called me names, etc. (ignored it) I said that he should try and turn it down or off, because it wouldn't work. He tried, and when it wouldn't work, simply left. (what an asshole :0)