Lucid flying and school sex

Date: 5/3/2017

By meteovex

I became lucid in a dream just by naturally realizing it was a dream somehow. I hadn't flown in recent dreams so I took flight by hovering into the air and then slowly but powerfully flapping my arms. Normally I don't have to flap, but this felt natural and I relished the wind and burst of speed I gained with each stroke. I had a sense of height but the environment I was flying through was a little fuzzy and unclear. I stopped and hovered, focusing on what my surroundings were. It was daylight, with suburban buildings lining a quiet street, flush with summer grass and trees. I felt like I was 15 to 20 meters high, perched on the edge of something. I was a bird now, perhaps a robin. I felt like to continue flying I would have to fall, catch the wind in my wings, and soar back up. I was not sure if it would work, but being in a dream I had no fear. I fell, and with a great whoosh rose back into the sky. After a breif time flying, I decided to turn back into a human and have some other fun. I happened upon an old High school of mine, and saw students through the cafeteria's windows. There was no door, so I turned my vision away, thought "door", and looked back to see the door I needed successfully summoned. I entered and without hesitation grabbed the most attractive girl I saw. She resisted briefly, and clothes tore away from her as if an invisible force shredded them. Other students crowded nearby. I said nothing, but projected a thought to everyone to not control them directly, but to make them agree with my will. Three others held the girl back, and she seemed to realize that I and the other students knew that this my dream and none of them were real. The girl stopped pulling away and resisting, and with a disinterested sigh gave up as if it was only a trivial matter of losing rock-paper-scissors. Two of my fingers were already in her butthole. The other students and I treated her as a sexual plaything, and she assumed a new role of enjoying it all very submissively. I've always found it fascinating how believable dream characters are when controled by our subconcious mind. She really WAS a plaything, only a figment of my imagination, and yet acted and communicated as if she was as alive and independant as a real life person. I envied her submissive sexual position a little. It would be a nice life to not have to work or worry, and to be lusted after and teased sexually by a group. At heart however, I have to say I enjoy being dominent more often. Us having the girl gently restrained, I fucked and groped her in every hole. She was enjoyed this but a bit overwhelmed with the other guys and girls getting their hands, dicks, and tongues involved. The scene changed to an old quiet house of mine where she and I enjoyed eachother privately in a more relaxed pace. Soon, my dreamed started to fade. The girl vanished, or began appearing in different rooms before I could reach her. I woke up and later had a nice cup of coffee.