Visions Of A child

Date: 7/26/2017

By LucidDreamer7

In my dream I saw a man with a red beard and he was carrying his dead wife, or it was a woman that meant a great meaning to him. He couldn't bear to bury her so he left her in the woods, and the flys started to swarm, then I was snapped out of the vision into another vision and it was of me staring into the woods and I saw wolves running in two legs and then I was scared because they saw me, then I snapped out of my dream and I was a school boy, and I saw a silver car drive by and I new my mom was home and I had to get home, so I ran out of the forest and I was running home to my apartment( in my dream the boys parents were European because they had accents and so did I) I rushed into my apartment to see my mother cooking and my father on the phone and he was saying how we were moving to America he would work in New York and my mother would be in California, my mother got mad and said well thank you like she was going to break the news in a better way, I felt sad and I thought, a bad thing always happens at a good time. But this dream was strange because in my dreams usually I can control them but in this one I couldn't, the boy controlled the dream so I don't know if it was a memory or was it happening at the time of my dream. Your thoughts would be much appreciated thank you 😊