Huh an unrealistic dream about love I'll never find

Date: 4/12/2017

By pansexualpirate

So I went to some school but I was at the pond near it hiding/avoiding everyone when someone saw me they walked up to me catching me off guard I turned around a look of shock in my eyes for only a second before I put back my cold emotionless expression they asked me something I don't quite remember what bit I shook my head no. Then they continually tried to get to know me I lashed at them that I wanted to be left alone by everyone but for once someone didn't listen. She told me that when we first met she saw the look in my eyes before I hid it and that she knew I wanted a friend, she was right I did and she was my friend she was the only one I would talk to. After like months of just small conversations I told her to meet me at around 9:00pm that night she showed up and we started like dating but apparently o was breaking a rule of some sort by dating a human (I was like a cupid of sorts so all I was allowed to date were others of my species) but I loved her so I broke the rule. Before the dream ended she was going on a train to some town with her friend but I gave her a gift. She opened it reveling that it was what she had lost in the pond and I had searched for hours to find it. Then I woke up.