Skate Rink Murder

Date: 5/12/2019

By Thuggin

So I had this dream last night that I was at this skating rink and it was packed. I think I either lived there or owned it in some way because everybody knew me and I was able to go to the back and fuck with shit lol. Anyways, I was walking pass three big girls and the first one said “omg you’re so pretty” and I said “awe thanks” and everything seemed normal. Then this guy came in and threatened to shoot everybody. I think I knew him because everybody kept saying “Kate can go calm him down” but I never saw him. We all started hiding and running because someone said that he shot someone outside. We were all laying down face-first on the skating rink and this white man cane in and was basically prep talking us for what was about to happen. He said that “it would hurt” but it’ll be fast. There was a random pillow in this cubby by where I was laying so I grabbed it and put it on my head. It almost seemed like he was the shooter because rather than trying to help us out he was explaining what death was gonna feel like. Usually in dreams like this I wake up if I can’t control it or if I’m too scared but I stayed and was lowkey okay with being shot. Then I woke up and my wrist was hurting... interesting dream to say the least