Crazy Dream That Makes No Sense

Date: 6/29/2019

By leahc1127

(FYI to anyone who’s interested in reading, since my dreams are usually very complex and long I use the voice to text feature which makes some words mess up so if a part doesn’t make sense I’m sorry, also this is mainly for my own use of memory but if you’re interested in reading go for it it’s quite long I’ll have to warn you) The dream started off with me and my friend Nathaniel in my house my brother was also in the house and we were playing around with this man comes and I have a way for you to make money and he hands me 3 juuls and says I can sell them for a lot of money but I better not use them because I could get addicted but he suggest I might like it I decide I am going to hide them in my baby brothers who was not there and I went back to my room and waited after being in my room while me and my friend Nathaniel go into this big game like Minecraft and this person organizing the game is trying to sell us lollipops laced with drugs. I am very against this and say no. After playing the game for a while we come back and a man is with the woman that was originally selling and ask if I have a box and I say no and then I start yelling at them and say this is not right you should not be doing this to kids and couldn’t I could turn you into the police right now if I wanted and I go see my brother Tyler and tell him about the hiding Juuls. My parents come to pick me up and we’re going and driving away and all of a sudden this weird police man and his crew going to the jungle gym/army thing and we’re just stopped and watching him from the car I decided to go join and now I am witnessing a practice run for the policeman after they are done a speaker comes on and says it’s something sort of like a fair all of a sudden we are put into groups and my friend Caitlin is in mine. We do the first one and it’s kind of boring then we do the second one and it’s this weird circle thing we each get in the sea and we can add seeds to it and take me away and then we just spin and throw balls at each other and try to catch him and I was very sad because Kaitlyn had a bunch of ice cream and it was like this weird ice cream and I had like ice cream cones and it was weird and I eventually went up and sat next to her and ate some of her ice cream and then I woke up.