Date: 3/9/2019

By kiearra

Me and mya went with grandma at this house that was huge like a mansion. Grandma was on the top floor doing her bible study. Me and mya were supposed to stay on the floor we were on. That was boring and I got curious so we went down the stairs and we sat on the couch and mya went in the bathroom and started whining "I can't get it off I can't get it off!! She had clown makeup on and she was trying to get it off with a wash cloth but the red makeup didn't come off.Then I realized I had clown makeup on and I couldn't get it off either. After that we were sitting on the couch and I saw I dark figure come and it was grandma and she was going to scare us and I said ahh with her . She didn't care that we went on a different floor.