Messages On The Windows

Date: 1/27/2017

By Fileacethedragon

My mom mom was being a jerk to one of my friends (which she wouldn't do in real life.) so I got really mad and yelled at her. I ended up getting grounded. Because I was grounded I had to sleep in the breezeway (mudroom). There was a really creepy girl looking at me though the window. My sister started freaking out and saying that the girl would get me If I slept in the breezeway. "I guess it would be ok if she just slept in the sunroom," my mom said. I was locked in to sunroom (which has tons of windows). Every time I looked at the window the creepy girl had written a different message in blood on the window glass. Long story short the girl kept trying to coax me to come outside. It was vary Creepy.