Four dollar bill

Date: 5/19/2017

By FrickinAngel67

A woman and her little daughter were walking hand in hand behind me. The woman was saying all these terrible things to herself for some reason and there little girl was looking sadder and sadder by the second. I took her by the hand and brought her inside wherever we were going, and she showed me that she had a couple of dollar bills, folded in half in her pocket. She was getting older and older by the second until she was probably about seventeen. I looked at the bills and saw that they were actually a collection of a bunch of bills, all flattened together. I peeled them apart and saw that one of them was a $2 bill and another was a $4 bill, which obviously doesn't exist in America! I said, "You must've put these under a steam roller to get them this flat, Maya!" Because now I knew that was the girl's name. She laughed and her mother was nowhere in sight anymore and I knew that she was a friend of my 17 year old daughter's, despite the fact that she had been no older than 8-10 minutes before.